Headaches are a complex medical condition. Headache is a broad diagnosis. There are many types of headaches and it's important to understand which type is the cause to properly diagnose and treat them. Unfortunately, headaches are often chronic and go both underdiagnosed and undertreated. Patients may suffer from headaches for years before being properly addressed.

At the Physical Medicine and Pain Management Institute, we aim to help patients suffering from headaches before too long. We offer all the newest medication options for patients suffering from headaches including Ubrelvy, Quilipta, Nurtec, and Emgality. We also offer Botox for chronic ,migraines, various treatments for cervicogenic headaches caused by underlying neck pain such as trigger point injections and facet blocks, and injections for headaches caused by occipital neuralgia.

Please let your provider know if you suffer from any form of headache so that we can help diagnose and treat it properly for you.